Five Healthy Foods to Eat This Winter

Cold winter weather does more than just affect your heating bill and the clothes you wear. It also changes your energy levels and your metabolism. It can even change your food preferences. But don’t splurge on a diet of hot cocoa and marshmallows.

If you are like some people you react to the cold weather by forgoing the gym and going on a calorie binge. The truth is this is not a healthy way to deal with winter. You wouldn’t want to overdo your ice cream eating during the hot summer months. You also don’t want to live on cookies and hot chocolate during the winter. Here are five easy ways to winterize your diet.

Add Root Vegetables

It can sometimes be hard to find good local produce during the winter. But your farmers market should be full of root vegetables like carrots, turnips and beets which thrive during cold winter months. Roast some carrots and get good dose of beta-carotene. Or, boil some turnips to get plenty of vitamin A and C.

Eat Oatmeal

While oatmeal is a convenient breakfast food, it also provides nutrients essential to withstanding winter time. It is high in zinc which is important for your immune system and it is also high in soluble fiber which is associated with good heart health. Instant oatmeal is very convenient but it is also more expensive. To stick to a budget and eat healthy, buy old-fashioned oatmeal at your local grocery store.

Enjoy Soup

Soup is the perfect food for winter. You just want to make sure you hold off on adding too much beef, salt or cream. Look for soup that is made primarily of chicken or vegetable broth and includes plenty of fresh vegetables. You can easily add some whole-grain crackers to get an extra dose of your daily grains.

Add Sushi

One alternative for winter foods that might be a surprise is sushi. Many comfort foods are loaded with sugars and fat but not sushi.

Choose tuna or salmon rolls and get a good dose of vitamin D. During the winter you usually have less exposure to the sun and are not getting enough natural vitamin D in your body. A lack of vitamin D can increase the risk of heart disease and bone weakening, so add vitamin D in sushi in the winter and retain perfect health.

Go Cruciferous

Add broccoli and cauliflower to your diet and you can up your immune system and avoid getting bouts of typical winter sicknesses like the flu. Both of these vegetables are very high in vitamin C.

Eat these foods and you will get through winter better this year.