Can Sushi Aid in Your Weight Loss Efforts? (Part 2)

Enjoy Wasabi

Wasabi is a spicy green paste that is served alongside sushi. Many people believe that it can further improve weight-loss efforts. An animal study published in 2013 by the Nutrition Research and Practice concluded that wasabi may help decrease fat and weight gain in animals who were fed a high-fat diet. Further research is needed to determine if wasabi would have the same effect on humans as well as how much wasabi would need to be consumed to see these benefits.

Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts with Green Tea

If you visit an Asian restaurant, order a green tea to help improve fat burning and metabolism levels. In 2008, a study was published by Physiology and Behavior that found green tea may help improve weight loss effort by increasing metabolism naturally. In 2010, another study was published by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition that noted similar results. In addition to these results, the study found that green tea may help lower cholesterol levels. Participants experienced relatively small weight loss; however, depending on the study, participants experienced a 5 to 10 pound weight loss in the eight week study.

What are the Best Types of Sushi for Weight Loss?

Weight loss is about cutting calories; therefore, you should opt for sushi with the lowest number of calories when you are trying to lose weight. The simplest sushi with the lowest calories is Nigiri. Nigiri is raw fish placed in a ball of rice. Another low calorie sushi is Maki. Maki are sushi rolls that contain fish, rice and other ingredients. When choosing sushi avoid those that contain mayo, cream cheese or fried fillings. Furthermore, you should avoid sushi that is labeled crunchy or spicy. As the toppings can cause these low calorie sushi rolls to jump into the high calorie category. Instead, choose sushi that contains only rice, fish and vegetables. Finally, you can reduce the calories in sushi by asking for less rice in your sushi or asking for the naruto version of sushi rolls. The naruto version uses cucumber instead of rice.

Safety Considerations

Sushi may help you lose weight; however, sushi is not safe for everyone. Fish and other types of seafood can contain mercury. Additionally, raw fish can be contaminated with salmonella or other food-borne illnesses, such as vibrio vulnificus. Frozen fish is preferred because freezing can kill a variety of harmful organisms. However, the only way to ensure all food-borne pathogens are destroyed is to cook fish. Pregnant women, those with a compromised immune system, children and the elderly should not consume raw fish.

Although there are several studies that have shown that sushi may help improve weight loss efforts, it comes down to decreasing calories and exercising to exert more calories than you consume. If you enjoy eating sushi, you can say yes to this delicious dish if you follow the advice listed above. Opt for lower calories versions, avoid creamy and fried fillings and watch your portion sizes to help maximize your weight loss efforts.