Brown Rice Sushi – Nutrition Information

To those that may not know, sushi often brings about images of raw fish. However, there are a lot of variations on sushi that do not contain any fish at all. Sushi rolls are generally made with seaweed, rice that is flavored with vinegar, and also veggies or fish. A good number of sushi varieties will be very nutritious and are low in both fat and calories. Sushi that is made with brown rice comes with the added bonus of even more health benefits. This is because brown rice contains a lot more nutrients than brown rice and even though white rice sushi is more traditional, there is not much of a difference in the end result if the two are made properly.


Brown rice will usually not be quite as stick as the white rice, and it can sometimes be difficult to work with if you are making sushi. The simplest way to enjoy your brown rice with sushi is in rolls that are made with nori, which are sheets of dried seaweed. You will find that the combinations that you can come up with for vegetables and fish will be nearly endless. One of the most well-known and common is the California rolls that are made with imitation crab, cucumber and avocado.


The nutrients and calories that are in sushi will vary depending on who makes it and the amount of rice that is used along with the ingredients inside. A regular California roll will have between 300 and 360 calories along with about 7g of fat. Brown rice also has very little cholesterol, yet can be rather high in sodium, with the number coming in at about 500 to 1,000mg for each roll. You will also find about 9g of protein in an average California roll, along with carbs between 51g and 63g. A California roll that is made with brown rice will also be a decent source of Vitamins A and C, along with calcium and iron.


Nori is usually the seaweed that you will find in a sushi roll and this is a great option that is packed with nutrients and low in calories. Just one sheet of this nori has four calories and less than a gram of fat. It is also high in minerals, with about 50mg of potassium and decent amounts of calcium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium. Nori is also known for being high in Vitamins A, B and C, fiber and other goodness. Seaweed is also an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and may have some cancer fighting properties according to reports that have been put out by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

Brown Rice

When the rice is harvested, the outer hull is taken off to make brown rice. Both the germ and the bran will stay in place on brown rice, giving it both the color and nutrients. Just a cup of brown rice has 112 calories and zero fat. There are 2g of protein and 23g of carbohydrates in each serving. Brown rice is also a wonderful source of vitamins, fiber, minerals and valuable antioxidants. Brown rice is a known whole grain, which is essential for a healthy diet.