5 Health Benefits of Consuming Wasabi | Sushi


What are the benefits of wasabi? There are quite a few. Below are a few of the main benefits of eating wasabi with sushi.

1. Prevents Food Poisoning
Wasabi is usually consumed with sushi and this is not solely because of how spicy it is. In fact, it contains a potent insecticide and bactericide that battles potential food bugs, but if your sushi is fresh and made properly, the chances are you won’t have to worry a lot about potential food bugs. Wasabi neutralizes mold spores that are present and this is why Wasabi helps prevent food poisoning. If you want to keep your food free from nasty things, then you should add a touch of wasabi to your food.

2. It Keeps You Young
If you grate wasabi, then a compound is released, and this compound is called sulfinyl, which is an antioxidant. If you consume this compound on a regular basis, then it may help reverse the signs of early ageing, and this is because reactive oxygen in the body is lowered. This also contributes to less wear and tear on your body and it helps to fight cancer.

3. It Helps To Prevent Certain Cancers
Not only does wasabi keep you looking and feeling young, but it plays a role in reducing your risk of cancer. This is because it contains 6-MSITC, which is a compound known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also provides defense against cancer cells.

4. It’s Good For Circulation
Not only does it help fight cancer, but it inhibits platelets from clumping together to form blood clots, which means wasabi plays a role in preventing clots from forming. In turn, this reduces your risk of strokes and heart attack. It is also contributed to keeping the skin clear, and if you want to maintain overall good cardiovascular health, then you should consume wasabi.

5. Fights Colds And Allergies
Wasabi can help fight colds and allergies, which is another reason you should take it. It releases allyl isothiocyanate, and this is one of the main reasons wasabi is good at fighting pathogens that cause the flu. If you have a block nose or have the sniffles, then consider eating sushi because it may help you out.

Those are the benefits of consuming wasabi. Do you want to enjoy those benefits? If so, then start eating wasabi today.